Cooper ZEON RS3-S BLK (S)

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  • The Cooper Zeon RS3-S Tire is the latest ultra high-performance summer tire within the Cooper performance family. Its low-profile, high-performance rating combines world-class dry road traction, handling and cornering with outstanding appearance; the tread compounds are specifically formulated to combine dry and wet traction with crisp handling and high-speed capabilities

  • The asymmetric design allows for tread pattern tuning, this design allows for cross-rotation which reduces heal-toe wear, promotes even wear, less noise and increased overall tread life

  • The outboard tread pattern is tuned for excellent dry handling and traction; the inboard of the pattern is optimized for wet weather conditions and the dual pitch sequence provides a low tread pattern noise

  • Wide, circumferential grooves are positioned towards the inside of the tread pattern; this increases the size of the outside shoulder and the intermediate tread element rows which allows for more rubber on the outside of the pattern for ultimate dry traction, increased handling and exceptional cornering ability

  • Increased void and two circumferential grooves on the inside of the pattern channel water out of the tread for hydroplane resistance

  • Increased grooves create more void on the inside of the tread pattern which helps maintain better wet performance and the crisp and tight steering response is delivered by a combination of high density belt wire, high modulus polyester plies and high modulus bead filler

  • The variable draft groove walls help provide even treadwear