Bridgestone POTENZA RE980AS+ (AS)

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The Potenza RE980AS from Bridgestone is designed for high-end sports cars, sporty coupes, and sedans.

Perfect for motorists who want to combine speed and predictable control in wet and dry conditions, the Potenza RE980AS features a soft tread compound associated with increased grip, but sometimes with rapid wear, which is not the case! With a wear rating of 500 combined with hard rubber tires, the RE980AS is built to last a long time.

It provides optimum performance on dry or wet pavement in temperate weather conditions.

Performance without compromising comfort

The Potenza RE980AS's internal construction consists of three polyester layers on the sidewalls and two polyester layers in the tread area to balance handling response and ride comfort. The sidewalls are very stiff and resistant to deformation for improved handling. The two steel belts are reinforced with spirally wound nylon tape for better speed resistance.

The Potenza RE980AS features silica-enriched treads for excellent handling and exceptional performance on wet and dry pavement. The Potenza RE980AS guarantees safety and control.

Its continuous center rib promotes steering sensitivity, and its 3D tread pattern improves braking and traction.

The Potenza RE980AS's sole grooves are interconnected to facilitate the evacuation of water from the contact surface. In heavy rain, it shows no signs of hydroplaning.