Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP (W)

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The winter Tire HP (High Performance) OBSERVE GSI-6 HP from Toyo is the perfect product for touring car, SEDAN and coupe car and SUVs. Some notable performances have been adjusted from the previous version with the newest technology from Toyo. The directional tread pattern optimises the traction on the road while making the drive comfortable and helps to reduce road noise for a quieter ride. The larges inner tread blocks are connected together to improve stability at high speed. The shoulders of the tire provide more grips in the deep snow and the melting snow on the road while also increasing, lateral traction to improve cornering abilities. The water, the snow and the slush are evacuated more easily with the conical grooves minimizing the risk of hydroplaning. The OBSERVE GSI-6 HP from Toyo: a winter tire that perform even better on ice and snow, with a better grip on the cold and wet roads.