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Embrace an unparalleled journey with the ContiCrossContact™ LX Sport. Designed for every road and even off-road adventure, this summer/all-season tire is the perfect fit for mid-size SUVs and mighty 4x4s. Experience superior road grip on dry pavement, enhanced force transfer from tire to road, and shorter braking distances in damp conditions.

The ContiCrossContact™ LX Sport is not just a tire, it's a ground-breaking technological feat that merges extraordinary braking prowess on wet or dry surfaces with unparalleled off-road and on-road handling. Its design encourages effective water displacement and rapid stone expulsion, ensuring enhanced safety and prolonged tire lifespan.

Featuring an asymmetrical tread compound infused with Tri-net silica, this tire promises superior handling and all-weather traction. Its serrated outer shoulder, underpinned by a continuous circumferential rib, enables precise steering response, stable straight-line driving, and unequaled ride comfort. Whether on dry, wet, or snowy terrain, the ContiCrossContact™ LX Sport won't disappoint.

The tire's design has been meticulously crafted to minimize rolling resistance, boosting performance and promoting fuel economy. Its three rows of independent center blocks with interlocking lamellas augment traction on light snow. Simultaneously, four broad circumferential grooves enhance hydroplaning resistance and decrease tire damage risk from embedded stones.

The ContiCrossContact™ LX Sport exemplifies that performance and comfort can go hand-in-hand. It curbs noise and rolling resistance, making for a serene and comfortable drive. This tire doesn't compromise, offering a flawless driving experience in any condition. Prepare to surpass your driving expectations with the ContiCrossContact™ LX Sport